if you gotta ask, your not

Having done this road trip myself, this film really hit home.

Especially the nomadic-where-is-my-life-going questioning.

Given the subject matter (this film is not just about a road trip), and what is going on in my life currently, perhaps not the best choice. However, I think my subconscious was trying to tell me something, and it must have worked because I finished watching this film feeling inspired.

I only wish my journey came complete with cameos from Canadian musicians. Joel Plaskett busking was a highlight.



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2 responses to “if you gotta ask, your not

  1. Mel

    I just watched this movie a last week sometime. I absolutely love it

  2. I tried renting this movie, along with some other ones, and this is the one out of the bunch that wouldn’t load *fist shake* I’ll see it eventually.

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