if you’re reading this, i’m most likely in an airport somewhere on the west coast.

we’ve been told she has a few days. its a days travel for me. i’m praying we all get there in time, i can’t even imagine the alternative at the moment.

its amazing how quickly things snap to in the moment though.

if you’ve got some extra positivity laying around, send it our way.




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  1. What little positivity I have is your Allison. Take care.

  2. Allison, sometimes speed is mercy

  3. All I can say really is hold tightly the one’s you love, and embrace the precious moments you have. I know I am flying back to Ontario this summer to see my clan, as after my dad’s recent cancer scare it hit me how quickly things can change. Perspective is everything.

    Hang in there Allison – I hope your family can pull together and support each other.

  4. You know my thoughts are with you as they always are, Al, and with your family, especially now.

    Godspeed, and peace of mind.

  5. Hang in there, yo. I send major positivity vibes from the other side of the world, and my thoughts remain with you and your family. Take care, dude.

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