I don’t feel bad about letting you go, I just feel sad about letting you know

A New England – Billy Bragg

There are songs that upon first listen go straight to your soul.

Or find that place in your heart you try your best to keep covered up, and with a couple guitar riffs and wordsmithery, the door is just blown open and you’re left standing gobsmacked in the best possible way.

For me, this is one of those songs.

I was reminded of it recently, and thank goodness, as its been a while. I don’t really want to ramble about what this song means to me, or makes me think of, but as I listen now, it reminds me of growth and hope.

I have had the worst week. Its been beyond surreal, and although I’ve had great support, it doesn’t stop the tears when the lights go out. Yet even through the tinny sound of my laptop speakers life seems a bit better knowing great music like this is there to fill the spaces in between.

To hear the track directly, click the above link. To watch a live performance click below.

What’s a tune that pulls at your heartstrings?



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3 responses to “I don’t feel bad about letting you go, I just feel sad about letting you know

  1. Look how young Billy Bragg is in that clip!

    A New England is indeed a fine song, and Mr Bragg is infinitely watchable. Although sometimes I suspect he is really just a frustrated standup comic.

    I hope your weekend is infinitely better than your week was.

  2. Such a great clip. Ha! Frustrated stand up comic, there is some truth to that. :)

    So far, much. Amazing day outside, and spent the morning walking and dusting off my SLR camera. But I really want the week to go by so I can get home.

  3. “A New England” is a gem.

    One that really impacts me is “Levi Stubb’s Tears” by Billy Bragg. The lyrics establish a similar narrative tone as the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”. In just a few lines of verse we experience a sense of loneliness and disconnection that are perhaps a bi-product of the modern era;

    “With the money from her accident
    She bought herself a mobile home
    So at least she could get some enjoyment
    Out of being alone
    No one could say that she was left up on the shelf
    It’s you and me against the World kid she mumbled to herself”

    “When the world falls apart some things stay in place
    Levi Stubbs’ tears run down her face…..”

    Bragg is a gifted artist – he blends the personal and political in a seamless fashion, and there is a real humanity to his lyrics.

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