What a strange, strange day.

I’m really glad I do not have cable because I feel that might add more fuel to the fire.

Besides what’s going on in popular culutre, its just been one of those odd days. The weather has been outrageous, trees are splitting before my eyes. Flights being delayed, hailstorms, and then just the general weirdness.

I have a feeling its not yet over. In the meantime this song sums things up nicely.



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  1. It has been a weird day indeed. If I could say something terribly insensitive, Michael Jackson, for all intents and purposes, has been dead for years.

  2. I heard that a few times yesterday too. In his day, he made great music. It is sad, and leaving three young kids behind, more so.

    Something I also heard last night – “I bet Farrah Fawcett is having words with Michael Jackson in heaven for stealing her thunder.”

    A day for the books, indeed.

  3. Gosh, two people died in one day. What are the odds of that?

    I hope the craziness settles down, on both the weather and the pop culture news fronts, although I am not holding out much hope for the latter.

  4. Yeah, me too. Its about 8’C here, I’m wearing mittens on my walk to work. Dare I say…I miss the Ontario heat?

  5. I am so glad I was not the only one who had a positively surreal day yesterday. I think the whole MJ thing only exacerbated matters. Strangely, (at least for me) it felt like one of those outside looking in days. Hopefully you know what I mean by that.

    Anyway, its behind us now right? And just so you know, the heat is on here in Ontario and you are not missing anything. It can be highly overrated.


  6. P.S. Thank you for the Replacements. That always makes a “meh” day a whole lot better!


  7. I wasn’t an MJ-head, but I did enjoy his music and I do think his death is noteworthy. The media frenzy seems OTT and MJ was a freak, but he had a huge impact on pop culture and he will go down in history, both the good and bad stuff.

  8. Sean: Yes, it was definitely one of those days. I think the surrealism was a collective feeling.

    My bones could use a bit of heat, but I know as soon as I am hit with humidity I will be complaining. ;)

    GT: Hopefully the media frenzy cools off a bit, but doubtful eh. As you say, if its like when Princess Diana died, we are in for some more.

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