grapefruit spoons

I think I must be numb to everything right now, because even though the sky just fell it has yet to hit me.

Its a good thing I am going home in a week, because after I get my own doctor stuff out of the way, I’ll be getting on a plane to California. My parents should be getting there soon.

We weren’t expecting it too be so bad, this fast. Its like one thing after the other. If they can get her pneumonia under control that will be the first step of improvement, but its like putting a very fragile jigsaw puzzle back together.

If only I’d made some progress on my teleportation device that would make things marginally better…



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6 responses to “grapefruit spoons

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that things are seeming so final, Al. And one of the most difficult things, of course, is that you never really know how much time you have. My dad lingered on for a long time, my mom went much quicker than any of us expected. Neither way is easier or better.

    I am hoping for the best for your Gran, that she will see definite improvement and soon.

  2. That is the hardest part, knowing she’s terminal, but not knowing how long. If it keeps going the way it has been, then not long. But I’m trying to stay positive, knowing my parents are with her now is a big relief. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Despite the fact that your schedule will be beyond hectic I am glad you are headed home. This is the time for family and being together; you will be amazed at how much strength you will glean from them. You will be even more amazed by the strength your Gran will get from all of you.

    Positive thoughts for your Grandmother and best wishes for a safe and fruitful trip.

    Hang in there Allison.


  4. That’s what keeping me going, knowing my parents are with her to lift her spirits. Even calling to check in everyday helps, but not as much as being there.

    I don’t leave until next weekend, but thank-you I think its a much needed trip.

  5. Oh this must be so painful. Stay strong.

  6. Trying to. Helps that I’ve booked my flight down.

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