taking suggestions

what’s a word you think an owl would never say?

i seem to be all about word bubbles in my art this days, taking a more whimisical approach to the brush, and well, “woot” is just too cliche, so i need your help dear friends as i’m blocked.




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7 responses to “taking suggestions

  1. I favour an owl saying something like ‘ahem’.

  2. chicanery

    What an owl would say, I am not accusing you of anything. Actually I just wanted an excuse to use my current favourite word.

  3. Dale: Ha! I feel like something would have to be in the beak for that. Hmmm…something to ponder, thanks!

    Barb: That’s a great word! I’m going to try it in a sentence today. So rarely used. Thanks!

  4. Ha ha! Although that made my mind go immediately to the annoying, “There an app for that commercial,” I like the question mark at the end of the word. 0.o


  5. An owl sits imperiously on his perch observing nothing until the moment is right and he says:

    “Oh, I say.”

    with a british accent of course

  6. Allison

    Of course.

    I think you win. ;)

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