Last night I read an entire book. That never happens, something always interrupts, but doesn’t it feel so great when you can get away with it? I even started on my next – Joyce Carol Oates The Gravedigger’s Daughter. Oh, and I learned how to play chess.

I tell you, I live an exciting life. ;)


Did you hear that they uncovered ruins 20 km from Stonehenge? Apparently it pre-dates Stonehenge, and they’re calling it England’s first architecture.

More here.

I love Eddie Izzard.



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8 responses to “solstice

  1. I love that people laughed at “woodhenge,” though it is an actual thing (but I think it came after).

    It’s only 20km away and they’re only now discovering it? And by a routine aerial survey? You mean all this time people flying over have been looking down at stonehenge and this is the first time someone said, “wait a second, look over there, to the right.”

  2. ha! i know. i thought it a bit odd too…quite intriguing though, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the site.

  3. I guess they haven’t been looking too hard, up till now.

  4. strawberry-blondie

    So the Joyce Carol Oates was a successful purchase, I guess! Glad you enjoyed it and got to read it in one sitting.

    No one’s ever built a henge like this before. Hehehe.

  5. Allison

    No, I didn’t read the Oates book in one sitting, but I have started it. Was a good choice in purchase!

  6. I adore Eddie and I am dead excited about the ruins they’ve discovered near SH. This is absolutely going to turn our understand of that period on its head. Finally we’ll know what the hell SH is really all about. They discovered it because a farmer planted peas and some grew like crazy and other didn’t and the growth patterns made them look.

  7. Allison

    I just find it fascinating that all this time just 20km down the road…it will most certainly turn everything on its head. Can’t wait to see what they do with it all!

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