its lung cancer.

we don’t know much more than that at the moment. the stage, or whether or not its operable is being determined tomorrow. apparently the doctors haven’t been that forthcoming with the information, so my parents are headed down this week.

she’s still at the hospice, and since tuesday there has been such a change in her demeanor. she can barely stay on the phone for 5 minutes. the coughing and oxygen are making it hard to talk. its almost as if she’s given up and there are still so many ifs…

i’m glad its sunday, not feeling like doing much more than staying in my pj’s and doing a lot of positive thinking.



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  1. Sorry to hear this news.

  2. Trying to stay positive…

  3. I’m really sorry that it’s such bad news, Al. This must be such a terrible shock to your Gran and to everyone in your family.

    I’m thinking of you, and I’m here if you need an ear.

  4. the biggest shock was hearing her in such bad shape. wasn’t expecting it from our last talk.

    thank-you for your thoughts, shall email soon.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that, Allison.

  6. Sorry about the bad news – it’s never easy. How old is she now? Hopefully you will all get some more of your questions answered quickly.

  7. thanks. she’s 68.

  8. I wish I could write you a hug Allison. Haven’t quite perfected that one though…

    I’m very sorry my friend, this is never an easy situation. Do stay hopeful though Allison. Your Gran needs to hear that
    in your voice.

    We’ll work hard on the positive thoughts at this end too.

    Thinking of you.


  9. someone did write me a hug today, funnily enough. thank-you for the offer. :)

    been a rough day, but i’m hoping sleep will help. here’s hoping some good news will come tomorrow. thank-you for your thoughts.

  10. I’m really sorry to hear that – I can feel your upset coming straight through this blog. I’m thinking about you.

  11. Allison

    i’m trying to remain upbeat, but its hard to put on a smile when you just feel like crying. thanks for you thoughts. :)

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this. Just wanted to pass along positive thoughts from us. Take care.

  13. thank-you will, all positive thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  14. Sorry to hear the bad news, hoping for a positive outcome…

  15. Liz

    o allison, so sorry about the news. i know way too much about cancer – i used to be a “cancer information specialist” a few years back. it’s never easy to hear a diagnosis. sending good thoughts your way, xoxo.

  16. The power of positive thinking and PJs can’t be overestimated! Cancer is awful and shitty, and all the waiting around for results and news can take its toll – I just had a cancer scare with my dad (that thankfully isn’t cancer) but the waiting around for results for endless weeks was just plain awful.

    My thoughts and prayers are with and your family – it is amazing how those moments of uncertainty and sudden illness with the ones we love suddenly zooms everything into perspective.

  17. Thanks, Liz. Its definitely not easy, especially being so far from home, but trying to stay positive. Thanks for your thoughts.

    It certainly put things into perspective Westcoast Walker, and makes you realise who your friends are too.

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