there’s a concert in my kitchen from the supermarket

If you’re into the Canadian independent music scene (and why wouldn’t you be, eh), check out NXNE and the live stream. There are some really great bands at this festival, its worth a click.

Perhaps you’ll even see some of this. More here.


Well, I’m off to get my hands dirty. Finally have the kitchen to myself and plan to make a mess with some arcylics. Seeing as its raining outside my outdoor picnic table is not ideal anymore. Have a good weekend folks!



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5 responses to “there’s a concert in my kitchen from the supermarket

  1. Those pictures are quite fantastic. And I really appreciate when a festival has a wider range than just music (not that there is anything wrong with music, and I would certainly love to see a few of the bands at NXNE this year), but having an art and perhaps film aspects just engages the imagination more. Sled Island has a film portion this year and there are a few docs I am going to try to see.

    You will have to show off the fruits of your acrylics session.

  2. Oh, no. I just meant you might see some acts at the festival doing some guitar smashing. ;) But yes, its great when festivals are just more than one thing, it was something I appreciated about the O2 fest last year. Look forward to reviews from Sled Island!

  3. Serah

    that is an awesome photo/art.
    i’m lovin’ the music in the kitchen too…spent most of the nite @ Lee’s Palace. I think I will check out the rest of the venues this afternoon? Try anyhow the parents are coming over tomorrow and my house is a disaster zone – need to get it to mom’s level before she arrives!

  4. Eve

    Saw Youth Brigade play today..pretty decent punk band- check em out!

  5. Serah: I love it too. The whole series is great.

    I stayed to the Supermarket, didn’t like what I heard in the rest. Last night though I read an entire book and it felt great. When does one ever get to do that?

    Eve: That name sounds familiar…shall have to check them out, thanks!

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