between stacks in the library

I was reading this article on Cracked – 15 Words You Won’t Believe They Added to the Dictionary – which is summarized below. For definitions, click the link. Of the fifteen, I had never heard of five, and seriously question number four.

Perhaps they weren’t added to the actual dictionary, just the urban one.

I wish they would add “Asshat” to the dictionary. I heart that word so. Oh, and “Idiotstick.”

Words you think should be in the dictionary?

15. Muggle

14. Blamestorming

13. Gaydar

12. Grrrl

11. Threequel

10. Mini-me

9. Screenager

8. Cyberslacking

7. Lookism

6. Frankenfood

5. Riffage

4. Bouncebackability

3. Prebuttal

2. Ego-surfing

1. Meatspace



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6 responses to “between stacks in the library

  1. f

    Surprised you never heard of #5, gonna throw down some heavy riffage myself tomorrow night.

  2. Allison

    No never heard of five of the fifteen; Ego-surfing, Meatspace, Screenager, Blamestorming and Frankenfood.

    Yes, best of luck with that!!

  3. f

    Oh! My bad. Our friend Jon is gonna record audio, so I’ll send ya a copy of that when I get it.

  4. Allison

    Excellent. Look forward to it!

  5. I have heard eight of these on a fairly regular basis. I am sure next year at this time, without a teenager in the house, I will be completely out of the loop, though.

  6. I doubt that. You’ll have to just read more blogs to keep you in the know then. ;)

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