you can read me anything

everyone is talking about love this week.

from different parts of my life people are either; in love, dealing with broken love, or just general love goodness being spread through the waves.

i sit somewhere in the middle.

like the stew i made yesterday, i keep throwing things in the pot unsure of what will come out, but with a hope. and its all about the process isn’t? i like to think so.

sometimes its hard to get past all the scar tissue from the past, and see things in a new light. i know one thing for certain, i walk to the beat of my own drum and no matter the outside pressures people keep seeming to put on (and expect from) me, i’ll get there when i get there.

and i’ll send you a postcard. if you’re lucky, one with a cat doing yoga.

p.s. the magnetic fields rock my world.



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2 responses to “you can read me anything

  1. The Magnetic Fields know love all right, in all its troublesome twisted splendor. Perfect choice to highlight this post.

    That’s the thing with stew (and life), isn’t it? When do you stop throwing in ingredients and call it complete? I don’t imagine there are any real answers, but I do know that everything looks better written on a cat yoga postcard.

  2. I enjoyed our Magnetic Fields blipfest last night!

    Yes, knowing when to stop is secret ingredient. I must stop with these food analogies! I am so glad to have found those postcards. ;)

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