with cinnamon

I’ve decided that Northern BC weather is much like English weather. A fickle beast, except with mosquitoes. Lots of them. I’m considering putting my exterminators license to use soon.

I’m in Fuji apple phase. So delicious, but they take me forever to eat. Hours, like. Perhaps I need to stop putting it down after I take a bite.

Speaking of food, I’m in a baking mood, but can’t bake, so I’m turning to cooking instead. I’m going to try my hand at some veggie stew tonight. Its cold and windy out, the perfect night for stew, and I imagine it will lead to many leftovers.  I must post adventures in sushi making too, it went splendid.

What’s a good dish for a cold day?

I’d say we should start up the Food Porn site again, but nothing lasts these days in this transient space.

So, some handclaps for you…it is Tuesday after all.



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7 responses to “with cinnamon

  1. I think technically Food Porn is still alive, although I haven’t posted anything there for over a year, I think. That was a fun site though.

    We must be sharing a weather pattern. We had a thunderstorm earlier and now it’s cool and quite clammy. Am considering socks.

    Something with barley and lots of carrots in it is perfect for a cold day. If the microwave wasn’t at the shop, I would haul some barley stew out of the freezer myself. Or I guess that’s what pots are for, aren’t they?

  2. I stand corrected! It is still alive. I haven’t posted since 2006…oops. I shall have to post then, if I can recall my blogger password. :s

    Today was not the greatest day for flipflops. Go me. I was hoping to reverse the weather by dressing summer. ;)

    Ha ha! Well now you have dinner already set then! This stew doesn’t call for carrots, but carrots make everything better, so I’m adding them.

  3. For a cold, windy, rainy foggy day, here, in the northwesterd, old and little kingdom of Galicia, included in the kingdom of Spain, the pageants cook, day after day on winter and autumn a pot called “caldo”, boiling together potatoes, grelos -a green vegetable whit a bitter taste- cow and pork meat -fresh and dry-salted-, and chorizos ( a saucisse made with pork and paprika ). The traditional recipe includes parts of the pig body not allowed for an american girl: head (specially the nose!), ears, tail…you know, is a Middle Age recipe…well, now I ought compensating all those primitive things remembering wath in Spain the homosexuals could married legally!

    Mmmm…are you able to do an english translation of my english?

  4. Mosquitoes can indeed be quite the scourge. Perhaps you should aquire the firearms license for that purpose as well and really show those proverbial suckers! ;)

    Veggie stew does sound delicious particularly on this cold, grey and wet day. (Strangely it also sounds like a Simpsons character name…)

    I digress… Good dish on a cold day? A hearty soup with plenty of ingredients.

    Okay now I am hungry. Love the Kills video too Allison. It will be curious to see how Ms. Mosshart and Jack White get along in the Dead Weather incarnation. I’m thinking tumult!

    We shall have to see!

  5. That might not be a bad idea… ;)

    Ha! Kind of does. Stew was okay, I’d follow my own recipe next time though, add different ingredients.

    I love that song too, I can’t wait for the new Dead Weather, I hope I can catch them in concert too. Jack usually tours more Canadian cities, so that’s a plus!

  6. I have sent a traditional recipe fron this little kingdom of Galicia -inluded in the Spanish Kingdom- but I’m affraid that have not passed some electronical border. Maybe is too strong for that, so it involver pork salted meat -ears, tails and pork noses too-and other middle age products. It’s really primitive, but good for crossing anyone winter mountain.

  7. Sometimes my spam filter takes out actual comments, sorry about that. I approved it, so it was received!

    That recipe would surely be a hit in this Alpine village! Sounds like it would keep the cold out. :)

    Your English is quite good, I wish I could read Spanish better.

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