fresh blood

i’ve spent a lot of time lately outside in the backyard sitting at the picnic table.

i need to invest in some other outdoor furniture. i’d kill for a muskoka chair at the moment, but perhaps something more collapsible for this nomad.

i’ve been sketching with charcoal, almost in need of a new box. i think i’m improving too. its funny how technique changes, style is usually the same, but a little tweek here and there and you can really notice a difference.

tonight i think i’ll open up my pastels though. after i cook some maple bbq salmon, with basmati rice though. a favourite.

what’s cooking in your kitchen tonight?




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10 responses to “fresh blood

  1. left over bbq chicken with naan bread and ratatouille – not too shabby but yours sound better esp with the pastels

  2. It’s bbq all around. My salmon was okay. Atlantic, not sockeye, so a bit too light for my liking. Yes, pastels are dessert. ;)

  3. f

    Rosemary/Garlic Roasted chicken, smashed taters, and peas.

  4. I haven’t had potatoes in ages…perhaps years. I like them mixed with peas.

  5. What’s cooking in our kitchen? Literally – pasta. Metaphorically – a new website.

  6. I saw a status update about a new site, yes? Intriguing! Hope it morphs into reality soon. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, I’ve been reading though…and listening to all those great artists you’ve signed. :)

  7. f

    Yes, that is why I made peas, for the mixing.

  8. Tonight I am not cooking at all, as the SU is still travelling and the RO is eating at her volunteer session. I am not going near the kitchen and am quite looking forward to it.

    Although maple salmon does sound lovely.

    It’s a shame that you have no yard furniture. I become close friends with my Muskoka chairs in the summer.

  9. My youngtime’s desires, but, finally, they are out of date.

  10. F: Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add carrots to the mixing too. ;)

    Barb: You deserve a night off. Cooking all those meaty dishes every night. Hope you enjoy it.

    One of the reasons I’m looking forward to going home is my parents backyard. I never utilized the pool, spa of lovely Muskoka chairs while growing up.

    Jose: I’m catching up too. I think we’re all in the same boat. :)

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