meet skeena

Why do people have pets if they’re not going to look after them properly?

This is my roommates dog, and she spends more time chained up outside than she does off the leash. I try and come home on my lunch to let her out and I understand with this breed they like the outdoors, but it isn’t necessary to have her chained when the backyard is fenced in, with a high fence mind you.

Yesterday my roommate left mid-afternoon for a bike ride. Didn’t ask me to look after Skeena, just said ‘See ya later’, so I assumed he’d be back around dinner. I fell asleep around 1am and he still wasn’t home. Needless to say I fed her, walked her, took her back inside and made sure she was in her ‘designated area of the house’ when I went to bed. This is not the first time its happened, perhaps because I’ve done it before he assumes I’ll do it again. But he never even acknowledges it. He hardly spends any time with the dog when he’s home either. She is quite lonely, something I noticed when I first got here…and its really hard to watch him just disregard her, and yell at her for picking up her toy in attempt to play catch.

This is Skeena sitting on top of the picnic table in the backyard, keeping me company while I sketch.




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9 responses to “meet skeena

  1. This breaks my heart. People should need to pass an exam or something before they are allowed to have pets (kids too, but that’s another issue). Do some people not think? Don’t they realise that a pet, particularly a large dog, needs lots of attention, lots of time and that they will be a part of their lives for many years?

    Thankfully you are stepping in to show this poor dog a little affection, but I fear for what will happen to her when you have moved on. This of course does not even address the audacity of assuming that you will step in to look after her. Bastard.

  2. I agree. I thought for a period there it was getting better, with the warmer weather he was taking her out when he rides, etc. But then I realized that’s only a few times a week, at most. A dog like that needs to be walked daily, and given proper attention. She’s only a pup too, about three.

    I woke up this morning too, quite late, but he was still asleep and she was whimpering downstairs so I took her out and fed her as well. Next time I should just pound on his door and wake him up!

    Whenever I’m able to be in a position to have an animal, I think I’ll get two, so at least they can keep each other company. :)

  3. f

    I know people who treat their children this way.

  4. yeah, i wasn’t going to touch that topic. i’ve been on my soapbox too much this weekend.

    if you don’t want kids, don’t have them. simple, you’d think.


    Aw she is beautiful! How could ANYONE ignore her? It’s so frustrating to me, because I wish I had a dog everyday of the week. Seriously, everyday I’m like “I want a dog” but I know I can’t have one because I live in an apartment, and when I get a dog, I have to provide it the best life possible. That includes giving it all the attention, physical activity, food etc. it needs.

    Argh. So infuriating!!

    If it helps, I have a roomate who can’t even take care of himself. We cleaned the whole place today, and all of his stuff while he just sat and watched TV. At least he isn’t taking on animals too.


  6. She is a beautiful dog. My roommate has a very busy life, and is hardly home, so not ideal for an animal. I’m with you on wanting a dog too. I know I won’t have that lifestlye or space for quite some time, so I wait. Thankfully I have a replacement in the meantime. ;)

    I thought you were just living with the Boy? That’s uber frustrating, I’m over roommates. Would like a place of my own…must work on planting the money tree…

  7. so sweet, I hate it when people don’t take responsibility for their pets, children, property, etc

  8. She’s lovely! And you’re lovely for having a heart and taking care of her! It breaks my heart when people don’t care for their animals. :( They rely on us so much, and in return they provide us with endless love – which is why I love animals so much. Let me talk to your roommate, I’d love to knock some sense into him!

  9. GT: It boggles my mind, honestly. Thankfully there are some good people out there still.

    Malibupineapple: She is a sweetheart. I will miss her when I move in the fall. Ha. Yeah, I’d love to knock some sense into him. Perhaps when I leave I’ll give him a piece of my mind. ;)

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