if some night i don’t come home, please don’t think i left you alone

last night i had a dream that i was in an contemporary art gallery (much like the Tate Modern), with its inclined slate floors and white walls and i was with different sets of friends from my life. organised like a school trip or something, we wandered through the rooms, where all the art was performance.

except even though i was surrounded with friends i was alone. i’ve never had such a strong feeling like that in a dream. it was really unsettling. yet a complete accurate description of things at the moment.

this has been a really bizarre dream week for me.

well, at least its the weekend. and that means coffeehouse, lake, painting, etc.

so there’s that.



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4 responses to “if some night i don’t come home, please don’t think i left you alone

  1. Ultimately we are always alone, I guess. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not.

    Hopefully the weekend is being splendid to you. Coffeehouses, lakes, and painting sounds quite divine, provided you are not talking about painting the house.

  2. This is true.

    Saturday was quite relaxing. Its always nice to read on a Saturday in the coffeehouse, and there is a very unique one here. No painting of the house, thankfully. ;)

  3. love the Tate Modern, even without the art, I just love the space, big white rooms and clean lines all around and that grand entrance, the boiler room. STrange that you had such a strong dream, it’s almost a year since you moved back here isn’t it? Sometimes anniversaries play weird tricks on you

  4. I’ve been having really odd dreams since moving here, I blame the mountains. Yeah, I moved back in September, so almost a year. Wow time flies even when you’re not having fun!

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