she can’t say…

i am somewhat terrified to see my mobile bill for the coming month.

i wish there were better long distance plans offered between the USA and Canada outside of land lines. i’ve made peace with the outrageous international fees, but i feel something should be done within North America at least.

there is still no real news with my grandmother. she is still in the hospital and will probably be remaining there for a while to regain her strength to take more tests. so biopsy’s and other scopes won’t be for weeks now. my parents are going down in a few weeks, but are in contact with her daily. i’m trying to call every other day, but she’s discovered bingo in the recreation centre, so she’s hard to get a hold of now. at least that part of her is back and well. ;)

i consider myself a pretty calm and patient person but it seems that every aspect of my life these days is in limbo and its extremely frustrating.

i know where i want to live, but i cannot just pick up and move like a did a few years back. now i have to go ‘where the job is’ instead of picking a city first. only being able to make plans (at most) a few months in advance is just taking its toll. nothing is for certain, and while there’s a part of me that enjoys this aspect, the other part loathes it. must be the gemini in me.

i think the long distance relationship is also wearing on me. we spend so much concentrated time together during visits (which is great) but when we’re apart, i like that time as well. just when you get use to one, it flips and its hard to deal with.


oh, did i mention we got a new roommate? she’s nice. but i’m now living with two extreme sport junkies and croc wearers.

can you guess which shoes belong to me in this photo?

shoesi think we need another shoe rack.



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13 responses to “she can’t say…

  1. Are you saying the blue crocs aren’t yours? I’m shocked.

    Long distance relationships are hard for many reasons, but the all or nothing aspect is one of the hardest parts. It would be nice to save up bits of together time for when you are alone, and vice versa. At least that’s what I always thought when I was in your shoes. (not the blue croc ones, though)

  2. I know, astounding. ;) My other roommate has green crocs with fuzzy padding on the inside.

    Yes, that would be great. I think my next trip home will be filled with many other visits besides just seeing him, so it’ll provide a bit more perspective. I think I’m just generally restless this month.

  3. bloody awful poetry

    Um, the pink converse? And I too, am astounded that the crocs aren’t yours!

    I hope everything works out well for your grandma, yo =)

  4. Yes, the chucks are mine…as are five more pairs. ;)

    Thanks, me too.

  5. I spy purple Docs! Those must be yours!!! ;)

  6. f

    They can’t see…

  7. Allison

    Malibupineapple: Nice to see you again. And yes, correct guess. :)

    Fearless: Yeah, putting it down to another bad day.

  8. f

    Or another bad dee. I always want to rhyme it like that.

  9. Allison

    well it does sound like that. blast, the song is stuck in my head again!

    “kids don’t know what’s wrong with mum” – i should have named my undergrad thesis that.

  10. Shoes speak volumes, very observant.

    I am thinking about your Gran and you

    Canadian cell phone industry giants are rip off dragons and Canadians are complacent and compliant about being raped and pillaged by them. I have a burning spear out for the big three.

  11. Thank-you for your thoughts. Still no new news.

    Its amazing how backwards this country is. It frustrates me so, but no other country is having me so here I stay. ;)

  12. wooden shoe racks are good but i think metal shoe racks lasts longer ::

  13. we have metal shoe racks at home and we use it to hold those large boots and heavy leather shoes `;~

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