a heart I know by heart to walk me through this war

remember the old school Polaroid cameras?

my gran has one and i’m fairly certain she doesn’t own another camera, as all the pictures of hers i’ve ever seen or have taken have been with that old Polaroid.

i was cleaning my work office and stumbled across one today. no one is claiming it, so i’m claiming it. hey, if i can’t steal a typewriter…

there is something so pure about using a Polaroid camera. especially holding the edge of the picture with your thumb and waiting for it to develop. in that moment photoshop doesn’t exist. the fun is waiting to see how funky the shot turns out.

i am a camera junky. i have many models, but my favourite cameras are the ones that cost the least as i tend to be more adventurous with those. like the Polaroid, or the Holga.

cheap plastic that lets in the light and distorts the image.

if you squint your eyes and tilt your head everything aligns.

p.s. listen: gogogo airheart – so good




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12 responses to “a heart I know by heart to walk me through this war

  1. Somehow it always feels as though the people in Polaroid shots should be wearing Texas cheerleader mom hairdos and moose sweaters. There is something rather endearing about that.

    And if you tilt your head the other way, the mystery deepens.

  2. Ha ha ha! That is quite the image!

    And even more if you rub your chin, while squinting. ;)

  3. But as the Polaroid people reminded us, when taking a Polaroid photo, despite what Outkast tells you, you should not Shake It. :P

  4. Ha ha ha! Sage advice. ;)

  5. You realize your post titles always have me digging through my itunes just to hear th line all over again… I need a Kamera; We all need a camera Allison. You are bang on with your assessment on the polaroids. There truly is something special about them that really can not be duplicated. As much as I love my digital camera my Holga has my heart.

    …Just because it lets the light in. :)

    I like that.


  6. Excellent, my plan has worked! Muhahaha! ;)

    I just need to find some film for the camera and I’m all set. Thankfully, unlike the Holga developing Polaroids are quite easy. ;P

    Glad to hear you’re a Holga fan as well. Who doesn’t love a colour changing flash?

  7. These days in my city I saw an exhibition of Poraroid photos from the russian cinema director Andrej Tarkovski. The most simple, the most stronger. Without thecnical or processing intermediaries, the art in a pure sight.

  8. That sounds like quite the exhibition, Jose. Less is more when it comes to art, I think. Thank-you for stopping by!

  9. I’m a lens junkie – love polaroids too

  10. such an expensive hobby, eh? ;)

  11. but a great gift sinkhole for guilty partners who spent too much time on the road. ;)

  12. hahaha! must keep that in mind. ;)

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