where the wilderness starts

Well, summer arrived.

Its been 30-35’C (86-95’F) all week long, which is quite unusual for these parts I’m told. The rivers are on the rise, (3 metres in the past few days) and flood warnings have been issued.  There is a dense fog hovering over the valley, from the numerous forest fires already this season. It reminds me of the smog advisories we’d get back home in Ontario when the humidex would spike. I don’t particularly do well in the heat, but heat without humidity is so much easier to deal with. Still, I’m headed to the coast this weekend…to Prince Rupert.

I think.

I haven’t officially decided. I shall see how I feel after physio today. A lot has been going on this week and my shoulder is taped up again, hating me for trying to move. I’m starting to think physio is not helping…its been 10 weeks and little tasks such as opening doors and pouring a glass of milk still cause pain. Perhaps if this province had bag milk I would be healed by now? I’m just saying… ;)

Is it just me, or has this week dragged a bit? I’ve felt one day off all week. It feels like a Saturday. I feel like I should be in a sundress, not a pencil skirt. With flip flops, not closed toes shoes. Holding a glass of alcohol, not water.

Ah, soon enough.

Cheers to the weekend!



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3 responses to “where the wilderness starts

  1. The coast will be just wonderful.

  2. Definitely blame the milk jugs. Those suckers are massive, but fun to stomp on when crushing for recycling.

    If you make it to the coast this weekend, have a glorious time, wade in the ocean a bit for me, will ya?

  3. eek, that’s a long time to be suffering an injury, perhaps another physio is in order

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