and a wooden box and an alley full of rocks was all I had to care about

After work yesterday I went to the drug store looking for a drink, and I happened upon a bottle of cream soda for 99 cents. Excellent!

I purchased the bottle, and went back outside to unlock my bike, half expecting to see my old Ghostbusters horn on the handle bars, as that’s probably the last time I had cream soda.

I start riding, holding the bottle against the handle, and as I was passing two others on the street, one looked quizzically at the bottle in my hand. I hear him say to his friend, “Is that orange Crush?” His friend look and then replies, “No, dude, its cream soda!”

I yelled back, “Shoppers, 99 cents!”

I chuckled the rest of the way home, as I saw them turn around and head to the store.



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8 responses to “and a wooden box and an alley full of rocks was all I had to care about

  1. captainfearless

    Why is it that the first sip of cream soda is so much better than the rest? Oh well, oh well….

  2. A Ghostbusters horn – what an evocative image. I can all but smell the tar that they used to spread on the road to keep the dust down.

    You have all but become the welcome wagon lady in that town now. You know all the best places to go.

  3. was it a banana seat?

  4. Someone stole my bike today :(

  5. Fearless: Good point…one of life’s mysteries. ;)

    Barb: I probably still have it somewhere at my parents. They do that here, I’d never seen it before. Very distinct smell.

    Hahaha! True.

    John: My childhood bike was, not that one I’m currently riding. ;)

    Mike: Oh no, that’s rubbish! Here’s hoping you’ll be able to find a new one, on sale!

  6. bloody awful poetry

    I don’t even know how to ride a bike. One of the many joys of childhood I missed out on, I suppose.

    But cream soda, I can relate to. Even if the Canadian one tastes better. as I’m almost positive it does =)

  7. MMMmmm cream soda. Demonic stuff.

  8. BAP: Ah, shame. But never too late to learn! :)

    Having had cream soda elsewhere, I have to agree with that statement. ;)

    Karen: Yes, much like all chocolate. ;)

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