a holiday, of sorts

Well, I’m headed back to Ontario for the first week of July.

I made the decision this weekend, and my week is already full. Mainly with doctors appointments, which is the reason for the trip.  I’ve kind of touched on my health woes here, but not really. Things are just getting to the point where if its not addressed now, its going to be a much  bigger issue. So this is me being proactive! Also, I’d like to see my medicine cabinet clear out.

I knew when I took that nose dive off my Gran’s steps over the holidays it would not be a good health year.

Seeing as our “universal health care” is not the same in every province, I have to head back home to reactivate my Ontario health card (OHIP). Don’t even get me started on the BC Care Card.  I know I shouldn’t complain, because we do have (limited) coverage, but its being killed by bureaucracy (what isn’t, I guess). I just think we should be able to move freely within the country and still be covered. No?

Anyway, I am looking forward to taking a break, sitting under the bridge and I predict by Day 5 I’ll be cowering in the shade, having forgotten what humidity feels like. Its been two years…this should be fun.

What are you looking forward to enjoying this summer?

Oh, and on random sidenote: If you’re ever going to get into a TV series that has been on the air for five years…don’t. Go back and watch the previous episodes and then start watching the current ones.

Speaking of JJ Abrams…check out the keyboard solo on this…

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions



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5 responses to “a holiday, of sorts

  1. captainfearless

    I have to say the Lonely Islands last few clips haven’t been very funny. Will Ferrell’s Neil Diamond was good the first few times he did it, but is really unnecessary here. The JJ Abrams cameo really wasn’t that cool. I think Lonely Island needs to take a break and recoup, they’ve spread themselves too thin, imo.

  2. Hope you get the health issues sorted.

  3. Allison

    Fearless: Wasn’t one of their best, but still enjoyable, if not laugh out loud. Good thing summer hiatus is here then.

    GT: Thanks, me too. :)

  4. Well done, getting all those appointments made already. I think you are taking the right step, heading back to health professionals (and a system) that you already know. I really hope you get some answers and some relief.

    I’d love to be able to walk cooly away from an explosion this summer, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.

  5. Allison

    It would be impossible for me to get a doctor out here, and another 4 months until I will be able to get a care card, so yeah, going back just makes more sense!

    Yeah, for me either. ;)

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