check, check…say what?

I was updating my resume and set to apply to this posting, when I went over the qualifications again. Going down the list, I did a mental check list…now may I draw your attention to the last point (second part).

When would a curator need this? This posting was for a job in the greater Vancouver area.




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9 responses to “check, check…say what?

  1. The neighbourhood must be getting rough? Weird!

  2. f

    Forgeries will NOT be tolerated.

  3. Barb: Seriously, eh. The only reason I can think of is that they might have firearms within the collection, and you would need to be registered to move them? Weird indeed.

    Fearless: Guess I’m out of the running then.

  4. Don’t let a little something like a firearms license stop you! If you want that job, go get yourself a gun license! Oy, strange indeed.

  5. Apparently some museums are more stringent with visitors “straying beyond the velvet rope” than others.

    In all seriousness it really does seem like an odd prerequisite. Mind you, it would be quite the talking point on your resume should you choose to pursue that one though.

    I can just imagine the double take you gave that one when you first read it!


  6. Todd: I’m going to apply still, its a pretty competitive position, so I doubt I’ll even be in the running. Worry about licenses later. ;)

    Sean: Indeed. I’d have to follow that with a sub headline (pacifist with a gun). ;) Ha, yes, I must have read the line five times to make sure I’d read it correctly!

    Deb: Haha! ;)

  7. f

    Oh, no, I meant forged paintings…

  8. Ah, got ya. Antibiotics are making me slow…nice one. ;)

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