fuzzy clarity

Gerhard Richter

One of the most diverse artists of the last century…and this one too.

Park Piece, 1971, oiloncanvas

Park Piece, 1971, oil on canvas

Could so watch the leaves fall from a bench in this painting.

Landscape with Clump of Trees, 1970 (oiloncanvas)Landscape with Clump of Trees, 1970, oil on canvas

Reminds me of a scene from the book I am currently reading.

Untitled, abstracts 1968Untitled, Abstracts, 1968, oil on canvas

This one reminds me of Franz Kline’s work.

Abstract Painting, 1977, oilAbstract Painting, 1977, oil on canvas

See a cigarette burning ash.

Untitled (Green), 1971, oilUntitled (Green), 1971, oil on canvas

A moth fluttering on the blades of grass.



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3 responses to “fuzzy clarity

  1. It’s lovely to view some art on a Saturday morning, and didn’t even have to get dressed, let alone find a parking spot outside the gallery.

    Love the third one – it’s so raw and textured!

  2. Best kind of viewing, isn’t?

    I like the third one too. You’d like Kline then. :)

  3. Eve

    Love the abstract piece!!!

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