the little things

I think the worst part of throwing up sober is that you realise your toilet needs cleaning, and its probably the least inopportune time for you to realise it.

On the plus side, I can still laugh and although laughter sends me into a coughing fit, it does make me feel better.

Can’t believe its been a year since Carlin died…



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4 responses to “the little things

  1. Why do I get the impression you are not going out for Happy Hour tonight?

    Sounds like nasty, nasty business, Al! I sure hope you feel way better really fast. Or at the very least, that someone breaks into your place and cleans your toilet.

  2. Yeah…no happy hour tonight. Ended up working late, although I just had a pint of cider because I thought I was doing better…wrong choice.

    Plan to spend the weekend relaxing and hoping that the illness fades!

  3. ha! just imagining that series of events – although awkwardly timed, did you do some cleaning while you were there? :P

  4. i wish. no, too sick. sadly, haven’t gotten much better. oh well, least its the weekend! :)

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