it better work

How is it I can drink 151, which is 75.% alcohol,  but a serving of Buckley’s cough syrup has me crying like a child?




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5 responses to “it better work

  1. f

    Hope it works.Eels webrip is floating around.

  2. Appears to be making the cough come to the surface, at least. Cool…shall look out for it!

  3. Those Buckley’s ads are true then? I’m pretty glad I’ve never tried the stuff.

    Get better, kiddo.

  4. It’s funny but every time I take a spoonful of Buckley’s I suspect some chemist is laughing somewhere… You are well within your jurisdiction to cry over that stuff Allison. It is god-awful stuff. My theory is it works simply by scaring your body into getting better so it doesn’t have to endure anymore Buckley’s!

    Just thinking about the stuff gives me the heeby jeebies! Give me the 75% stuff any day!


  5. Allison

    Barb: “It tastes awful, and it works…sometimes” should be the new slogan. Did not help, but to be fair, I’ve been feeling sick for over a week, perhaps its something you have to take earlier on.

    Sean: Ha, me too. Especially because you know its within their ability to make it not taste like crap. (fist shake) ;)

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