non plastic playground equipment lives!

Just in remote areas of the north, apparently.


IMG_2428Running up slides never gets old.

IMG_2433Merry-go-round-thing! If you look closely, I am doing Blue Steel.

IMG_2444Any guesses to what this is? I’ve never seen one before…

IMG_2446but it looks like it could be dangerous.



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10 responses to “non plastic playground equipment lives!

  1. That’s one splendid playground. Those Smithereens know how to do childhood properly.

    The school that the RO attended in London used to have one of those hexagonal spider web climbing thingies, only it didn’t have those turnbuckles. Kids used to hang off that thing for hours.

  2. Allison

    Indeed, they do!

    Yeah, I think that was in the more recent section. It does look like it could be fun, but also a bit of a hazard. I remember in my elementary school they took one of those tube slides out because they thought it was unsafe, but the spider web looks worse.

  3. strawberry-blondie

    It was a sad day for childhood when they got rid of the merry go round things on all the Ontario playgrounds. Glad you got to take one for a spin!

  4. Allison

    It was a sad day! I took it for a gentle spin. I tried to do it standing up, but no dice. ;)

  5. Yeah, you don’t really see stuff like that anymore. Actually, just seeing the slide sends me back – but I remember how hot those things got in the summer – OUCH!

    Good times. :P

  6. Allison

    Oh yeah, I remember getting burnt on those things…and getting shocked on the plastic slides. Ah, yes, good times indeed. :)

  7. The last one is now the wallpaper on my computer.

    Well done! Very cool.


  8. Just like when I was a kid. Hide all of this from the lawyers.Otherwise i’ll be plastic

  9. Sean: Awesome! That’s my favourite one too. :)

    GT: Haha! Sad, but true.

  10. wow, i remember these! used to love lpayground time after school :)

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