you know you’re living in a small town when…


You see this sign at a restaurant on a Saturday night.

When the debit goes out, it goes out all over town.

On the walk downtown you know eighty percent of the people you pass.

You find out the cinema operates on a cash only system. All the time.

A plus, drinks are a toonie.



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4 responses to “you know you’re living in a small town when…

  1. That’s rather sweet and surreal. You could easily make a film about that place. I think you have alluded to it being rather Corner Gasesque before.

    You wouldn’t even need a script or a cast or anything. Just you and the Super 8 walking down the street.

  2. It made me smile. Found another pizza place, so all was well. It really is like Corner Gas. I think I should get a video camera and put it in the office at work and I’m sure some gems would come from that!

  3. Hmmm, thought I commented here, maybe I didn’t send or maybe I commented in the wrong place. All I said was keep this stuff out of the sight of lawyers

  4. Allison

    You did on the post after this, about the playground equipment. :)

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