fancy claps

I know I just posted this, but its one of my new favourite songs.

Do some handclaping or wrist twirling today, for me.

The world needs more of each.

Oh, and whistle if you can. I can’t, but it may be the new wrist twirl.



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4 responses to “fancy claps

  1. captainfearless

    Happy Birthday! Viva Motley Krug! (Seriously wish I knew how to do the U with umlauts over it)
    Anyway, hope your day is grand, that you find a moment to clap your hands, that the wrist twirls come easy, and that somebody nice whistles at you.

  2. Thank-you! Haha, if you could master that, it would be quite impressive. ;)

    Found some good handclaps moments, and just enjoying a rather lazy cold and rainy day, and honestly I couldn’t be happier…rain on your birthday is lovely. The misty kind too. :)

  3. just a quick pop-in to say you can repost a video as many times as you like on your birthday, and the world will love it! I am hand-clapping and wrist-twirling madly on your behalf and shall continue to do so until arthritic.

    Glad you are having a good birthday, sweetness! I am having a big glass of wine outside in your honour. As we speak.

  4. Aw, thank-you! :

    Day picked up a bit, throat feels better, still perturbed over those who forgot, but trying to focus on those who remembered. :) Heading to the pub soon, and that makes everything better!! Enjoy the sun and your patio. :)

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