you hear his knuckles on your door

I’m starting to realise I like my alone time, and large doses of it.

I feel a bit like I haven’t had time to breathe in the past few weeks. Finishing off a big project, all the drama with The Boy, immediately heading to Vancouver, and then the craziness that has been this week at work. I thought the underlings would be helpful (and they are, kind of) but its also a lot of work to train them.  I was at work until 9pm last night installing the exhibition (which looks rather good, I must admit) and just being alone with the music blaring was actually the best part of my week.

This makes me sound horribly anti-social, doesn’t?

Just one of those weeks. I’m sure next week I’ll be craving human contact, at the moment I just want to curl up with some tea and watch movies. The whole feeling sick thing is probably contributing to this.

On average, how many hours a day do you typically have to yourself?



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4 responses to “you hear his knuckles on your door

  1. The feeling sick business and the sheer exhaustion as well are likely contributors. But we all need some alone time. I know I do.

    I’m lucky in that I usually have a few hours per day to myself. Those are not all leisure hours, but still very very necessary.

  2. Allison

    I think so. I’m home now, and plan to shortly to put on the blanket cape and snuggle into a cuppa. Or the other way around. ;)

    I’m glad I get a few hours to myself at work, well, most days at least.

  3. not many with kids, family, own biz. Strangely work tends to be my time to myself

  4. Allison

    Yes, those things tend to take up a lot of time. :)

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