favourite afternoon snack?

I could really go for some cheese and crackers.

Perhaps with some apple slices.

Instead I have to attend a work function this evening.  Maybe my boss will have too much to drink and do something really funny. I’ll report back…I know you’ll be waiting for details with bated breath.




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6 responses to “favourite afternoon snack?

  1. captainfearless

    I love a nice gouda/bagette/tea combo. Get your boss drunk and hand him an iPhone, videotape the carnage.

  2. The dreaded Friday evening work function. Those should be outlawed, unless of course you really like your coworkers and you’d be hanging with them on a Friday night anyway. I somehow suspect that is not the case here.

    Slip the boss a roofie.

  3. Celery and cheese.

    Now dish on the drunken boss.

  4. Allison

    Fearless: I think I might have that for lunch tomorrow. I’m feeling a Havarti craving.

    Sadly, no funny drunk boss stories. Just more inept technology ones.

    Barb: They really should. Thankfully, the host was very nice, and put out a great spread, but my boss is such an idiotstick sometimes it overshadows a lot. But its over, and its the weekend! :)

    John: Oooh, yes, love that! Also peanut butter an celery. Yum.

    I wish I could. He came ridiculous late, and then just again had problems using the digital recorder:

    “Hello, this is (insert name)…Allison, what’s the date? Where are we? Is it recording if I press record?”

    Nothing to scandalous.

  5. Awaiting details, looking forward. That pic makes me crave cheese

  6. Allison

    Nothing exciting (see above). ;) I’ve been craving cheese all weekend. Yum!

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