you go on ahead

To be honest, I took very few pictures whilst in Vancouver. Perhaps because I knew I would be back and I was just enjoying the company of others too much to worry about pressing the shutter. Here are a few from the Aquarium. Shall upload more to Flickr at some point.

IMG_2350Anemones…I forget what kind.

IMG_2363I have a whole series of these Jellyfish. So cool.

IMG_2358Surprisingly I did not hit my head getting into that.

IMG_2338Feed me!

IMG_2331Northern Fur Seals. First day out at the Aquarium.

IMG_2312I never realized otters were so long. This one was a little camera ham.



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4 responses to “you go on ahead

  1. strawberry-blondie

    That jellyfish photo is amazing!

    I love the way the otters float around on their backs with their little paws up. They just need a pair of Ray Bans and a floating drink cooler to complete the pool-lounging sun-bathing look. ;-)

  2. It’s Melo, isn’t it? I would recognise my otter BFF anywhere. And he IS a complete and unabashed ham.

    Wasn’t that thing where you stick your head inside strange?

    But I am particularly impressed with your anemone and jelly fish photos. How did you get them to stay still to get such clear shots?

  3. Wow! What terrific pictures those are Allison! The anemone and jellyfish shots are prize winners. So vibrant and colourful. Very impressive.

    The water bubble viewer thing must have been a very strange experience. Great idea though, I’ve never seen anything quite like that. (Glad you didn’t bump the noggin.) ;)

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to add that to my huge list of things to do.


  4. Allison

    Ali: I was impressed with how well they turned out. I have about five more.

    Haha! Yes, that would really complete the look. :) He was so cute.

    Barb: Indeed, it is! He was just adorable, we watched him for a solid 20 mins and he was just hamming it up. ;)

    Yes, it was. I expected to see more things floating about.

    Luck, I think. I also turned off the flash. :)

    Sean: The anemone was is my favourite, I have a couple more of those too. The jellyfish were quite a crowd favourite, right at the entrance to the tropical fish.

    It was a bit weird, I wanted more sea creatures to be in the tank, which would have been cool.

    Do make it to the Aquarium if you can, I would certainly go back. :)

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