oh look here, it appears you are flipping someone off

I went to Granville Island today with Ashley, and we each had our tea leaves read.

Have you ever had them read before? I had not, but it was much fun.

Some of you may remember me writing about my trip to the tarot card reader in Camden last summer. Her reading was quite interesting, and the tea leaves today said some similar things today. Having never had it done before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the reader was great, and it was really quite intriguing to see the pictures in the leaves. She was very clear that she wasn’t predicting anything, and that it had nothing to do with the past, only the future and she was merely reading what the leaves said.


She said that there would be a move in the next 3-6 months, and that it would be for business, but it would also be linked to what I am passionate about. And this move could be to another country because there were two flags in the cup, along with many hearts (and broken ones), numbers and trees. I wish I could have taken a picture of the cup. There was one image of a tree, and a person (me) climbing to the top and then of a ladder as I couldn’t reach where I was going just by climbing the tree. This amused the reader, and she also wrote down that within the year I will be quite “fearless and without reservation” when it comes to what and who makes me happy.

She basically reaffirmed a lot of what the reading last year said…too perfect a past life, this one shall be restless, but not without adventure!

Oh, and the tea was divine.



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6 responses to “oh look here, it appears you are flipping someone off

  1. That’s not tea that’s Stella Artois! You’ve been had!

  2. I’ve never had tea leaves read, though someone did read my palm once. Told me I was not of this earth or some damned thing that I didn’t understand. But tea would be better because then you get tea as well. And besides, yours does sound quite intriguing.

  3. Allison

    Karen: Ha! That might be why it tasted so divine. ;)

    GT: Yeah, it was interesting for sure.

    Barb: My experiences have been quite positive, nothing too strange, which is nice. I recommend the tea leaves, much fun. :)

  4. Wonderful reading! :D I should get one of those done sometime.

    Did I ever do a rune reading for you? Oh, and film class with the psychic, her tarot cards and energy rods. Ah, those were the days. :P

  5. You should, its a lot of fun. Especially since my reader took down notes, which was really helpful in remembering. :)

    No, you never did. We must fix this next time I’m back East. Hahaha! Yeah, she was a bit of a trip, wasn’t she? ;)

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