long weekends rule all

I know I’m a week behind everyone else, but I how awesome was Star Trek?

I purposely did not read any spoilers so it was great to see certain actors pop in and out of the film. I’ve loved J.J. Abrams since Felicity, and wow did he ever not disappoint. I can’t wait to go again.

What was the last film you saw that just blew your socks off?



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16 responses to “long weekends rule all

  1. Still looking for my socks too Allison! Star Trek would definitely be it for me. And here I thought all the hyperbolic chatter was nonsense.

    What a thrill ride! I am anxiously awaiting a second viewing as well. More Reeses Pieces this time though. I ate my whole bag during the skydiving scene!

    Nice to see your weekend is proceeding swimmingly!


  2. captainfearless

    Star Trek was the last film I saw third viewing from the comfort of my couch. Not as great as it was on the big screen, but still pretty grand. I think the casting was great, Chris Pine did a great job of acting and especially moving like Shatner without imitating him. Think you should have titled this post, Are you Out of Your Vulcan Mind?

  3. Sean: I was so impressed, the casting was bang on and its been a while since I’ve seen a movie and wanted to see it again right after viewing!

    That was intense! :)

    Yeah, been a great one so far. Off for some patio goodness now. Its so lovely out. Hope London weather is nice and warm too!

    Fearless: Yes, the casting was brill. I didn’t realise until the end of the film that Eric Bana was Nero! The make-up threw me, and I loved Simon Pegg as Scotty. Yes, I was impressed with Pine as well.

    There were so many great lines, and good banter, I was thinking of what to title this post, but my brain is dead from lack of sleep. That one is ace though!

  4. captainfearless

    “What was the last film you saw that just blew your [b]spocks[/b] off?”

    fixed ;)

  5. Everybody I have talked to is absolutely shitting themselves about Star Trek. And it’s not just, that was a great movie, but more like a religious experience. I must go see it soon so I am not left behind when the Rapture comes.

    I think the last film that blew my socks off might have been Young@Heart. I still get teary when I think of it.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority, but, to me Star Trek was kind of like Transformers: Trying to introduce something to a new generation, but missing some of the points. Where was the social commentary that Star Trek is famous for?

  7. Fearless: Ha! Thanks. I’ll have to change that. ;)

    Barb: I know, and its one of the few times when all the hype is worth it! Hahaha, yes, hop to!

    I must rent that, I remember your review.

    Coyotemike: I’d have to disagree, and I’m a big fan of the originals. I actually thought they did quite a good job of getting a lot of major plot points into 2 hours, and hopefully it’ll introduce a whole new generation into going back and watching the older ones.

    As far as social commentary goes, its a popcorn movie right? There was still a bit (at least I think) but to me this film was more about giving a taste to the crowd.

  8. I too, ought to jump on the bandwagon and go see this Star Trek thing. I have heard nothing but fabulous things about it so far and I’m pretty curious to see how a Sylar can pull off a Spock.

  9. Yes, get thee to a cinema! :) He did a great job, although I did enjoy Chris Pine a bit more.

  10. YES!!!!! And now have huge crush on Spock. I’m a sucker for an emotionally unavailable man.

  11. captainfearless

    aren’t we all? … I mean… uh….

  12. Karen: I already did a bit from watching Heroes. Ha! ;)

    Fearless: Indeed, we can just say suckers for the emotionally unavailable, that works. ;)

  13. I am with you on Star Trek – saw it this weekend and I was generally impressed. It was a good balance of adrenaline, humour and fairly decent writing. My inner geek was thrilled!

    Glad you are having fun in my fair city – Vancouver welcomes you!

  14. Ha! Although I do draw a line between ’emotionally unavailable’ and ‘might slice the top off your head at any given time’. Similar but, I feel, fundamentally different.

  15. Wall-E, Wonderful commentary.

  16. Allison

    WW: Yes, I thought the script was really well done. My inner geek was happy too!

    Was a great weekend, beauty weather…sad to be back up north now.

    Karen: Bahaha! Yes, its good to draw that line. ;)

    GT: Such a great film. The blue ray version was amazing!

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