full of broken thoughts

You know when someone you care about hurts you and you pass the anger stage, and numbness sets in?

That’s kind of my state at the moment, and its so frustrating because I honestly don’t know what to say to him.

Him, being The Boy. Who, fucked up so incredibly bad, it may have left permanent (besides emotional) physical damage.

All of this on the heals of the long weekend…and our meetup in Vancouver tomorrow. I’m really glad at this moment that I have some amazing friend visits to look forward to, because if I just had to deal with the fallout of this, I don’t think I’d be making the trip.

Where would we be without our friends, eh?

I’m off to paint, and get out my pissed off music…which given my penchant for handclaps is actually hard to find. Suggestions welcome.



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5 responses to “full of broken thoughts

  1. That sucks so badly, especially timed the way it is. I’m really glad you have a lot of visiting plans. Silent rage in hotel rooms is soul-destroying.

    Break out the Sex Pistols and sneer loudly. Stiff Little Fingers works well too, but there is no sneering involved.

  2. You’re lucky to have those friends.

    When I need angry music, I look for stuff influenced by old Scottish or Irish battle songs. Gets the blood boiling :)

  3. I fixed the comment problem on my blog :)

  4. Barb: Yes, the timing could be better, but I think it might actually turn out to be for the best. Things like this need to be hashed out in person.

    Good suggestions! Been quite some time since I’ve listened to the Sex Pistols.

    Coyotemike: Yes, I love my friends, they are amazingly always there when I need them, despite the various timezones we inhabit.

    Ha! Well, a good blood boiling sometimes fits the bill.

    Ah, good stuff!

  5. I do know that feeling. It’s in my present. I can only off you the comfort of commiseration. I hope you are feeling better after your trip

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