my tylenol migraine bottle is my new paperweight

I am contemplating buying a video camera so I can document my work-life.

It’s Corner Gas meets the Gilmore Girls with a side of Road to Avonlea.

Added bonus, no one here understands technology.

First thing today  my boss and I got into a tiff because I wanted to remove some rather rude (but still funny) graffiti from the front hall. I work in a creative arts building; museum and gallery on the floor level, dance studios on the second, and music studios on the third. There are a lot of people coming and going, especially young kids, and I felt it was inappropriate despite the funny limerick.

My boss agreed that it should be taken down, however, wanted the building manager to do it because it technically wasn’t part of the museum. This goes into a much bigger battle between my boss and the building manager. Seeing as the manager wasn’t in today, and it was written on glass with a dry erase marker I told him I could take the three seconds out of my day to wipe it off.

This is when he turned into an 8 year old child, and refused to let me take it down. This then snowballed as more graffiti was found on the doors to the building and he pitched a fit saying this isn’t our responsibility, yada, yada, yada. I flat out told him it doesn’t matter whose responsibility it is, it needs to be taken down now, and I’m going to do it.

And I did.

Then he proceeded to not speak with me for the rest of the day.

Until about 30 minutes ago when a Trojan virus showed up on his computer and he didn’t know what to do. The admin staff was away on an errand and he can’t use the intercom system so he had to come up to my office on the third floor to tell me.

This amused me.

So did his pacing back in forth while I took my sweet ass time removing the virus. It was one of those fake anti virus programs that tries to scam you into purchasing the software to remove the virus, except the viruses aren’t actually there, just made to look like they are. Anyway, I downloaded new program and removed the scam one.

Unfortunately, there is no program to remove annoying luddite bosses.

I’m kind of tempted to write some of my own graffiti on the front door to our office and see what he does. Suggestions for colourful limericks? ;)



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12 responses to “my tylenol migraine bottle is my new paperweight

  1. fearless

    Gilmore girls meets who and what?

    The more I work with technology the more I realize luddites abound!

  2. Corner Gas, and Road to Avonlea were shows that depicted small town Canadian life. One set is Saskatchewan (present day) and one of Prince Edward Island, around the early 1900s.

    Seriously, eh. It amazes how many people won’t step into this century. It was enough work trying to explain to my boss how to use the digital voice recorder, I am not looking forward to tomorrow when I get to show him how to take the files off!

  3. fearless

    Ah, thanks for being my personal wikipedia ;)

    Maybe you should tell him something like “the thing about this device is that once you turn it on you have to yell “Randy Johnson”, that’s the password and it won’t work without it and you have to yell it because the microphone has to pick it up clearly.”

  4. No problem. :)

    Hahaha! You know what’s sad, that might actually work. Next I will try and him convince him that another virus will appear on the computer, unless he stops streaming horrible music from the web.

  5. strawberry-blondie

    How thoughtful to leave graffiti in dry erase marker on glass! This is where the Canadian reputation for politeness comes from!

  6. Excellent. Hope you put your best smug face on.

  7. Bad move to deliberately disobey your boss whether you were technically correct or not.

  8. Ali: Ha, I never thought of it like that. :)

    Karen: Silently smug, but I knew I was right, and the others agreed.

    Whitenoise: I don’t think so. If you had seen the slang, I couldn’t leave that up, and he later half-apologized for being a dick.

  9. What is it with grown men who act like 8-year olds? You got him though with the TH and your general rightness

  10. Allison

    It continues to baffle me. He’s an interesting character that is for sure.

  11. I had no idea that he was so petty! It’s one thing to have little tiffs and power struggles with the building management, it’s quite another to drag your staff into them. For no good reason!

    Sadly, I don’t really know any limericks that don’t have the word “Nantucket” in them.

  12. That’s why I acted, it wasn’t my fight and it needed to be taken down, simple as that.

    Hehe. It’s okay, I don’t know any others either. ;)

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