can’t you see we’re in the middle of somewhere

I’m rubbish with endings.

I think that’s why I dislike films with happy endings. I refuse to believe that things can be absolute.

Its never goodbye, its I’ll see you soon.

I also like ending things with another question.

And I’m really starting to get Margaret Laurence and the whole “and then…” thing.

Alas, an ellipses is not in the cards for me at the moment.

Just as well, for once, I’m ready to say good riddance goodbye.

For the first time in a long while I have nothing to do, but everything at the same time.

Make sense?



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4 responses to “can’t you see we’re in the middle of somewhere

  1. Mellowlee

    Yes, yes it does make sense :)

  2. Well, that’s something then. :)

  3. It makes perfect sense! And sometimes there comes a time when one just has to call the chapter closed. And that’s when we can break our bonds and move forward.

  4. Allison

    I am definitely glad to call this chapter closed, and looking forward to what lays ahead. I am also looking forward to napping after work. ;)

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