drink up

And we wonder why people make fun of us?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


I almost died in the grocery store reading the “Dam Good” tagline.

I’m burning the candle at both ends, and was in need of the boost and these were the only energy drink reasonably priced (note: they work).

Honestly though, how was this name ever approved?

Oi, Canada.



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14 responses to “drink up

  1. Mellowlee

    Ha ha I know, right?!!! I’ve been drinking the Pink Energy (sugarless) for about half a year now. I like it, but the tagline never fails to make me laugh

  2. Ridiculous. ;) I don’t usually have Energy drinks, I think I had a Red Bull once, but it didn’t have an effect. This one defintely kicks things into gear, which is what I need at the moment, as the fire under my ass is not doing the trick. ;)

  3. fearless

    From the country that gave us Pamela Anderson?? No Way!

  4. Shocking, I know. ;)

  5. I have honestly never had an energy drink. I generally just keep going until I drop anyway.

    But MAN, that is one embarrassing name.

  6. Normally I do too, but I have been beyond tired lately. No amount of tea is helping. This will be the last allnighter though!!

    I just don’t know how it got approved. Baffling. ;)

  7. www.fleuris.ca

    I like the name! Although I’ve never tried it, and I am sitting here drinking a SF redbull… uh. Patriotism FTW?

  8. I just can’t take it seriously. Perhaps because my mind always goes in the direction its not supposed to. Oh well, it is a good drink, I feel my patriotism has reached maximum level today. ;p

    p.s. Always explain acronyms. I had to Google FTW. ;)

  9. It’s a drink? Are you sure?

  10. well, i’m drinking from it now…so pretty sure. :)

  11. And does it do all it claims?

  12. Allison

    That it does. Kept me awake and able to finish my work! :)

  13. Hehehehehehehe! Giggle giggle. How did you find the pic? I bet googling ‘beaver buzz’ was an interesting experience!

  14. Allison

    I just did a Google image search, surprisingly did not stumble across anything too scandalous. ;)

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