my dream girl don’t exist, at the age of five she slit her wrists

I bought Living in Clip.

You bought a Pearl Jam album you already had.

On the way home you pointed out that Pee Wee Herman doll I hate, in the window on Princess.

I wonder if its still there. It was when we graduated.

At home the stereo at eleven, in the dark, in daylight.  J tried to drown us out by turning up Primus.

I still hate them.

And he still hates Ani and Tori.

I’m pretty sure you still love Pearl Jam.



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6 responses to “my dream girl don’t exist, at the age of five she slit her wrists

  1. I’ve never gotten Ani.

  2. This is my kind of poetry. I did buy that Pearl Jam album, but I didn’t actually already have it, but I am at the point where albums I bought ten years ago are coming out again w/ extra tracks and I am tempted to buy one. I try and support all the music my lady likes, and it works out because I like Tori too. We went to see her a few years ago.

  3. There have been an absorbent amount of reissues out lately, eh. Almost at the same rate Jack White makes a new record. ;) I would love to see her in concert, I’m looking forward to the new album, I enjoyed the first single muchly!

  4. Ani has been at the folk fest a couple of times and everybody always LOVES her. I don’t really know her music that much, but I respect her and have enjoyed her concerts.

    She sure pissed off a lot of fans when she married a boy, though.

  5. I enjoy her tunes, I’d like to see her live. I first got into her music via Living in Clip which is a double disc live album.

    I never understood why everyone was up and arms about that though, she always claimed to be bisexual.

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