look for what seems out of place

Look what greeted me after work!

Early birthday goodness from overseas, and an embarrassment of musical riches from Sean! Its going to take me at least a week to get through all the great music and magazines. Well chuffed, I am. Many thanks again, friend!


And Sean wins the award for best use of sellotape. This is my attempt to try and open the package without scissors. I had to give up.


Mail should just be delivered on Monday. It makes the entire day better.

Best surprise that has greeted you in the post lately?



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10 responses to “look for what seems out of place

  1. Nice haul! It’s like the postal gods ordained that today was the day you needed to receive all this goodness. They are powerful, those postal gods.

    I received a most intriguing blogger card which has been around the world (details to be blogged), plus acertificate saying that I am now an official temporary marriage commissioner. So I rather feel like I should get special parking privileges or something.

  2. It restored my faith in Canada Post. Today was perhaps the best day for this to happen too. An extra little push of goodness to make it through the week. :)

    Well, I’m intrigued to hear more details about this card! I believe that should grant you special parking privileges too! How exciting though, for your nieces summer wedding, yes? Handclaps to that!

  3. fearless

    I got some tea in the post recently ;)

  4. Allison

    Yum. One must never underestimate the power of a good cuppa! ;)

  5. Woo! Fab. I loves the post. The maternity pillow I ordered turned up much earlier than had been suggested, and was delivered by a lovely chatty man. I love that pillow more than anything at the moment so probably that’s been my favourite thing of late.

  6. Allison

    *Googles what a maternity pillow is* Happy sleeping to you now! :) When’s the due date again?

  7. I have an incompetent Canada Post worker delivering my mail, or failing to do so at regular intervals. She decided my house was empty in Sept and failed turned all my post away for two weeks. Ditto my neighbour. Her union is protecting her so we can’t get rid of her. So my surprise is daily.

  8. We don’t have door-to-door delivery here, just one post office and we all have a PO Box. Its actually quite handy for retrieving parcels.

    That’s complete rubbish! So faith again is lost in Canada Post. That’s the thing I hate about unions, they are so often abused. A fist shake for you!

  9. August 17th. So it’s already a heavy little passenger which makes sleeping without maternity pillow not fun :)

  10. Allison

    Oh wow! So soon, I hope you’ll share some pictures, if not in the blogsphere via email! I’m glad the pillow arrived and you’re putting it to good use. :)

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