please hold the line

holy pancakes, its hot out!

apparently there are two seasons in this valley – winter and summer. which is shame because i love fall and spring so. regardless, i know some of you still have snow, so i will not complain.

how about some art? it is friday after all.

mark tobey.

american abstract expressionist.






White Flames

bit mystical.

the second one kind of reminds me of looking at a more detailed and expressive magic eye…



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4 responses to “please hold the line

  1. Always great to see some wonderful art. The second one has a Jackson Pollock-y look without the all Pollock-y chaos. :)

    Thanks for the art lesson Allison. Just what I needed! :)

    Have a great weekend and keep the popsicles handy.


  2. Yes, I must get back into my tradition of art friday, and handclap tuesday…oh how these things fade into the abyss so quickly!

    Glad you enjoyed them, and have a great weekend, too!

  3. I needed to see some art today, I’ve been too immersed in words and music lately (if that’s even possible). Thanks for helping me stretch a bit.

    I LOVE the first one. I want to look at that forever. Or quite a while anyway.

    Shame about the lack of spring. Such is reality in the mountains, sadly.

  4. I hear that. Words and music in 150 characters or less. ;)

    The first one is my favourite too. So many layers, its hard to look away.

    Yeah, we’ve already had a couple of grass fires. Hopefully we get some rain soon…

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