with natural flavours

having one of those days…perhaps carry over from the weekend.

i’m so tired from the restless nights i’ve been having lately. its not making my brain function very well. argh.

however, i was clearing out my inbox and stumbled across this photo ali sent me a while back. always makes me laugh.

something that made you laugh today? even if it was a shit day?




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6 responses to “with natural flavours

  1. I hope that nasty bananas exorcises all the restlessness from your brain and you sleep like a rock tonight.

    Our urban assault conversations made me laugh today, as they often do. Today’s topic: Don McKellar reality show antics. Admit it, you would watch that.

  2. i hope so too. hoping to fade off soon.

    ah, i love hearing about urban assault vehicle conversations! i feel like i have a better understanding of them having witnessed it in real life now. ;) ha! i totally would. nice topic.

    someone unrelated, but speaking of Canadian cinema royalty. did you hear they are planning to remake videodrome?? why must they mess with these things!

  3. strawberry-blondie

    Ha! The banana resurfaces! I almost wet my pants laughing the first time I saw it; glad its joy is spreading around to cure bad days everywhere!

  4. How can you not laugh at naughty banana, eh! So funny. His expression is priceless. :)

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