cause I do my best work with the mannequin brigade

wow. has this ever been a shitty weekend.

hope yours fared better.

you know what isn’t crap though? green day’s kerplunk album.

i now like it better than dookie. albums change taste over the years, don’t you think so?

yet boys in eyeliner…sigh…still heart breakers. still…



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6 responses to “cause I do my best work with the mannequin brigade

  1. fearless

    You are the 4th person I know who had a shitty weekend, stupid damn April! C’mon MAY!

  2. Glad I’m not the only one. I am actually looking forward to work tomorrow…scary thought. Yes, May can’t get here fast enough!

  3. Allison – Sorry to hear your weekend was crap. Tis the nature of Spring weekends I find. Just far too much unpredictability.

    That clip is terrific by the way. I much prefer the older catalogue due to that layer of grime that seemed to permeate that era. Nice choice.

    Here’s to a better week.


  4. Allison

    Yes, it was rather unfortunate the my brain decided to quit this weekend. Shall make for an interesting week. I predict little sleep!

    Me as well. Although I did really like their last rock opera. I’m interested to hear their latest, although from the singles I’ve heard it does sound very much the same. Time will tell. :)

  5. Better than Dookie? That’s saying quite a lot. But you could very well be right when you say tastes in albums change. I haven’t listened to Dookie for a long time, but thinking back on it, I may very well find it a bit juvenile now.

    I hope your week kicks the memory of your weekend to the curb!

  6. Its got a bit more depth to Dookie, I find. I still enjoy Dookie, but perhaps because the songs on Kerplunk haven’t been overplayed to death, I like them I bit more nowadays.

    Thanks, starting off on a better foot. :)

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