I really needed quiet this weekend to finish a major project I am working on.

My roommate decided to throw a party this eve, not giving me any warning, so I could make other plans. Told me as guests started to show up, he knows I am working. I don’t care about the party, just give me a heads up.

(insert fist shake and swearing)

For the past four hours I’ve been listening to Conservative croc wearing nitwits playing Creed and Nickleback.

If my ailments weren’t keeping me tied to my heating pad, I’d be working/sleeping at the office.

I think I need to get some stronger ear plugs.



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12 responses to “sigh

  1. For the past four hours I’ve been listening to Conservative croc wearing nitwits playing Creed and Nickleback. – WOW. talk about adding insult to injury. An unexpected party is rude enough, but crocs?

    I’m not even going to validate the musical choices by naming them.

    I wish you were closer so you could spend the weekend in the relatively quiet spare room here.

  2. It’s true. The crocs were the deal breaker. ;)

    I am planning to head into work tomorrow and use my office as a safe haven. Hopefully that’ll make up for the lost time!

  3. fearless

    What you need is earphones, my Sony MDR V150s were cheap ($20) and they keep the corporate rock and other noise out while I’m rocking to my favorite indie artists at the coffee shop.

  4. The thing is I can’t listen to music while I’m working. I use to be able to, but it just distracts me now…although my own music is less of a distraction than crap. I shall look into that brand.

  5. Could have been an interesting sociological display. I wonder if they compared the sizes of their handguns?

  6. They were comparing bike tire sizes? I went down for a bit in an attempt to be social, since work was just not happening, but I left during an NDP hate filled rant. I don’t like being around born agains after they’ve been drinking…

  7. Melanie

    What a completely crappy situation! I’m sorry you had to put up with that. Very inconsiderate! Are you going to talk to your roomie about letting you know next time so you can head for the hills? *shaking head*

  8. Yeah, I mentioned it to him this morning. So hopefully I’ll have more of a heads up next time. :)

  9. eve

    Eww, icky music. That is a pretty crusty encounter…although could have been a great change to educate them with some better tunes…

  10. They weren’t the type of crowd that was open to anything new. Sometimes you just have to recognize a loosing battle. ;)

  11. Oh roomate dayz. Yes those are difficult compromises. Is it at all possible to get a little bedsit of one’s own?

  12. Not at the moment. I’m paying very little rent here, and the house is great. Can’t see that happening either when I move to Van. Need to pick cheaper cities to live in. ;)

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