well just watch him now, where he’s walking

i think chameleons are like the bulldog of reptiles.

they just have that face that’s so ugly its cute.


i wanna get a chameleon and name him howard.


or fred.


or chuckles.



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12 responses to “well just watch him now, where he’s walking

  1. the bulldogs of reptiles, I never thought of chameleons that way before, but now I see you are right. They really are cute-ugly.

    I used to have a couple of hermit crabs that I brought out at parties. They would sit motionless for 3 hours and as soon as you looked away for 5 seconds they would run like hell.

  2. I know, eh. I was leaning towards getting a newt, but their skin is quite poisonous, and even though you can’t really handle a chameleon that much, I’m really warming towards them.

    I must be really lonely. ;)

    Hahaha! I’m just picturing the hermit crabs making a getaway when everyone went for another beer. ;)

  3. fearless

    A friend of mine had a chameleon and he was quite an a-hole, perhaps you should name your chameleon Leopold…

  4. Aw, really? Well, I guess that’s the risk for any caged pet. Ha, yeah, that would fit.

  5. Hmmm… can’t see myself cuddling up with a reptile… Think I’ll stick with a lab or shep… ;-)

  6. Well my lifestyle at the moment can not accommodate a dog, and I’m allergic to cats…so yay reptiles! ;)

  7. The more I think about it, just about any name seems to suit a chameleon.

  8. Hmmm…I disagree. I feel the name has to be really plain. For instance, my cat name of Pew Pew, would not work for a chameleon. ;)

  9. Au contraire, I think Pre Pew for a chameleon would be quite amusing.

    After some thought though, there are some names that wouldn’t work: ones that call obvious attention to it’s colour thing, like “Rainbow” or “Crayola,” those’d be lame. Now, calling it “Judy” for Judy Garland and her Over The Rainbow song, might be a subtler approach. Or how about Karma? From Boy George’s song. Too precious?

  10. Most defintely. “Rainbow” or “Crayola”, those are just too cliche for me. Hmmm…Karma toes the line…I accept Judy. ;)

  11. I love them. We humans could learn so much from them

  12. I agree. I’m also looking into getting some turtles. :)

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