knee high boots

Each year there comes a time, especially for Canadians, when they declare an end to winter, put away the heavy jackets and dust off the lighter models and welcome spring.

When this point is reached, there is no return. That winter jacket stays pushed to the back of the closest, and no matter if the temperature drops again (which is always does) that spring  jacket remains out, even if it has to be equipped with mittens and a scarf. There is no going back.

Having started walking to work, as temperatures seem to be steadily increasing, I awoke more chipper than usual, excited about getting to wear a dress without fear of my legs going blue on the walk. Midway through my morning routine, I opened the window to find frost on the lawn. Son of a bitch! I turned on the weather network and found that it was currently -5’C. . . afternoon temperatures to reach 12’C.

The dramatic fluctuation in temperature is something I have yet to get used to since moving back out West, and North. I mean, I like layering just as much as the next person, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I feel a bit like Mary Poppins carrying about a big bag of stuff in preparation for the next weather shift.

I spent a couple minutes sulking into my Cheerios, channel surfing and contemplating just driving to work, but I could not let this neverending winter win. Off I went, extra thick tights, dress, spring jacket and ipod charged ready to start the day by walking to work.

My thick blood has returned.

Well, technically, I lost the remote and the tv was stuck on The View, so I figured now was a good as time as any to flee.



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9 responses to “knee high boots

  1. serah

    welcome to my world…why do you think we need such massive handbags?

  2. i can’t carry a big hangbag anymore…i blame that for my pinched nerve!

  3. Been wearing mine all week! :)

  4. Since becoming ancient, I feel the cold a lot more, so I think I will be wearing my winter coat till July. I still wear mitts in the mornings! Especially after waking up to snow (which beats frost on the sympathy scale) on Tuesday morning.

  5. Yuck. That blows goats. This winter has been neverending! I hope that you’re able to get out of your winter jacket before July! :)

  6. You previous comment “that blows goats” made me laugh so hard I’ve forgotten what I was going to say here. Is that Georgie? What’s it mean?

  7. Blows goats = an unattractive situation. I’m not sure if its British slang, as I said it before living there…but probably. All the good slang is from there. I’m recently enjoying “pants” which means lame/bad.

    That’s just pants, dude.


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