i do miss that gordie slang

Short Facebook exchange between one of my friends from Newcastle today:

Me: Oi! How was the trip?

Him: I just got back from Las Vegas today…an absolute epic!!

Me: I can only imagine what British boys get up to stateside. ;) Glad you had a good trip. Hope all else is well!

Him: Aye it was awesome like! But I was a completely good boy as always haha! Best holiday of them all like, so good like! Hope you are well!! x

I miss hearing like all the time and I miss sandwiches on every corner. Oh no.



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4 responses to “i do miss that gordie slang

  1. Awww Geordie talk is charming! But nostalgic for sandwiches? Really, Al?

  2. Yeah, I just remembered they put corn in everything. I’m over it. ;)

  3. And the gatehead boyz you can’t understand, like.

  4. Ha! With their tear-away pants. ;)

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