This photo makes me smile.




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12 responses to “pinstriped

  1. He is SO sassy! RDJ will always make me smile too!

  2. Sassy, yes, that’s the perfect word. :)

  3. why is he wearing women’s shoes? what’s the story with this picture exactly? lol

  4. fearless

    Wow, look at the lift on those shoes! Is he filming a movie with Uma?

  5. Men wear shoes with heels too. :)

    Its from the set of Iron Man 2, which Gwyneth is in, so that’s my guess for why the shoes have a bit of lift.

  6. I’m not sure about that pic. something very 70s about it. Maybe it’s the high heels. I wonder if those shoes have a zipper.

  7. Oh yes, I imagine there is a zipper along the side. :)

  8. Er, what? That’s lovely Robert Downey? Oh dear. That makes me sad.

  9. Sad, really? He’s still sassy. :)

  10. Sassy he is. But in my head he must never be allowed to deviate from the Robert off of the Elton John video. Or, at a push, the publisher chap from that film with Michael Douglas. I LOVE that Robert.

  11. Ah, I see. Its hard when actors deviate from the roles we love them in. :)

  12. Allison, usually when men wear high heels, they are usually wearing a wig, makeup and a dress too. :P Funny pic nonetheless. :)

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