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8 responses to “special

  1. serah

    Nicely done ;)
    Good way to start my day.
    Also, like being reminded of Rock Band duets and scoring 97% solo.
    How fast can you get down here to see the Gaslight Anthem with me?…we should have planned that better.

  2. That is pretty excellent and it blew my mind a little bit.

    Love the subtitles haha!

  3. I enjoyed it, but I missed Johnny’s bored/angry guitar thing. And she sings “weirdo” like widow and window. Otherwise, I liked it.

  4. Serah: I so wish I could be there to go to the show! We really should have planned it better, yes. I looked into what’s playing when I’m there in May and everything is the weekend, after. Boo!

    Barb: Subtitles were pretty funny, eh. I was listening to The Pretenders last night and then shuffled over to YouTube and found it. Nice little gem!

    John: Haha! Well, glad you could look past those two things. :)

  5. Melanie

    I love her even more now! Must go favorite that vid on youtube ha ha!

  6. Great cover, eh? Hehe I love how you’re favouriting everything. :)

  7. Yes, it is a great cover. Haven’t heard the original in ages…

  8. Watching that made me go through the musical archives. :)

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