just think, if it escapes you’re going to have to yell it

Yesterday The Boy and I got to talking about interesting names for cats. Yes, it was a slow Sunday afternoon and we were out walking.

I have always loved the name Milo for a dog. Not interesting, but reliable, like a dog is.  However, the chances of me being able to have a dog in the next while is slim…and sadly, I am allergic to cats. Still, we decided to compile a list of cat names just in case there happens to be a hypo allergenic cat out there.

Our suggestions:

Ms. Butterworth


Mr. Belvedere






Earl Grey

but the winner…

Pew Pew.

And then when people question why your cat is named ‘Pew Pew’ you can reply, duh, its a laser cat.


Maybe you have to hear the noise I’m hearing.

I think I just got a little bit more lame writing this post.



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14 responses to “just think, if it escapes you’re going to have to yell it

  1. Haha laser noises. Awesome.

    There are hypoallergenic cats… I just googled it and got this:

    but why on earth would you want this?:

    cats are psycho!

  2. Aren’t hairless cats hypo-allergenic? Of course you’d have to call it “disgusting” instead of Pew-Pew.

  3. And I’ve got some dog poop for you, too. I’ve been collecting it all week.

  4. Fleur: Hahaha! I love that Raccoon vs Cat clip! Cats are crazy indeed.

    Thanks for the other link too. Can you imagine spending $27,000 on a cat? Yikes.

    John: One would think. Bah, they just give me the creeps thinking about them. Disgusting.

  5. Marzipan? It would be one of those cats with the squashed in faces, wouldn’t it? Atticus, now there is a fine name for a cat.

    Strangely, I have existing list of good cats names:
    Malcolm (and I did once name a cat that)

  6. I’m really warming to the name Atticus. Too bad hypoallergenic cats are so damn expensive!

    Good list. Love the name Nigel! Feel like he’d have to have some sort of studded collar. ;)

  7. Very classy international cat.

    I would like to call a cat Bob or Frank

  8. serah

    I’m voting for Atticus and Earl Grey!
    My last cat’s name was Tibet…I just called her Tib though (also b/c my mom’s cat’s name was Mr. Tibs…fun but useless information).
    Wishing I had room here for little Angus(terrier/yorkie cross), if/and when I got a visit w/ the favorite human; *sigh* no dogs allowed (only cats), even cat dogs (that’s a description about size).

  9. Allison,

    You are so right about the ‘escape clause’ that should be tested on every name before unleashing it (no pun intended) on your pet. My neighbour actually named his dog “Dinky” of all things. I’m pretty sure he insulted the postman on several occasions with the occasional door yell.

    I really do like your names as well. “Pew Pew” is brilliant but do remember, laser cats can be dangerous. Perhaps Earl Grey would be a much safer alternative. ;)

    And for the record, my cat’s name in University was “Bob Barker”. I was so all about the irony then.


  10. GT: I like Frank. Yes, good name. :)

    Serah: Tib is a good name. What, no dogs allowed? That doesn’t seem fair.

    Sean: Dinky? That’s not imaginative, just mean to the dog…and the postman. ;)

    This is true, wouldn’t want to give the cats more power.

    Hahaha! Bob Barker. Love it!

  11. We were up to 2 cats and 2 dogs for a while here. The dogs never last beyond about 10 years but the stupid cats just won’t die. I named the last one “Timbit” because at the time she was a little ball of fluff. Now she’s a big, fat donut. I told my wife that if she ever gets another cat we should just name it “HeyUstupidCat” because that’s what we’ll end up calling it, anyway…

  12. Allison

    Cats really do seem to have a long life span. Ha, I like ‘Hey U Stupid Cat” has a nice ring. :)

  13. Do you watch Californication? David Duchovny steals a dog called Cat Stevens then changes its name to Yusuf Islam. That pleases me.

    I have cats named Mrs Mia Wallace (Mia, Mia Cat or Mia Hat when she sits on my head) and Vincent Vega (Vincent, Vin, Vinion – like onion).

    My Mum’s cats are called George and Mildred. Our old cat was called Rodney.

    I second Barb’s suggestion of Nigel. Excellent pet name.

  14. Allison

    I heart Californication!! Such a great show, can’t wait for the new season to start. I too loved how he changed the name of the cat. :)

    Lovely names! I enjoy the double names, more room for nicknames. I especially enjoy Vinion. George and Mildred and solid names as well. I feel as if they were dogs they’d be wearing sweater vests. ;)

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