anyone else…

find this extremely depressing?

wonder what this will mean for radio 3.



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5 responses to “anyone else…

  1. serah

    wow…just awful.

  2. It’s very sad Allison… I’ve always been an ardent CBC supporter and it bothers me to see quality programming go by the wayside. This current economic climate has been hard on all forms of media I suppose though so this should not come as a huge surprise.

    It’s just so disappointing.


  3. Yeah, it’s not surprising just sad. Reading the list of things to be canceled, and just thinking of all the people out of work. Oi. Wake up, indeed.

  4. Harper’s secret agenda revealed.
    He crouches in the bushes and waits for these moments.
    If he stays in power, he will return Canada to the days of being a cultural backwater.

  5. Such horrid news. Leave my beloved CBC alone, Stephen Harper, you miserable jerk.

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