as soon as i’m told to stay away from them – suddenly everyone needs me to be on one.

i’ve been on the phone most of the afternoon with the parentals trying to fix their computer. and because of the pinched nerve in my neck, i’ve even put on the headphone clip thing to talk. mainly this allows me to grab my hair in frustration and fist shake whilst talking. trying to get my dad to understand formatting a hard drive is extremely difficult to do over the phone. you’d think the phrase “wipe clean” would be self explanatory.  i feel like an on-call IT person. really, ever since i moved here people keep coming to me for computer problems, at work especially. wtf? i don’t even know that much about computers.

but i do know this –

it is demanding to defeat those evil machines.



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7 responses to “computers

  1. We’re changing your name to Yoshimi!

    Isn’t it weird how people can assume that you are the SME on computers all of a sudden? It happens to me as well, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Sometimes I think it’s just a process of elimination.

  2. I do have a black belt in karate. ;)

    I had to Google what SME stood for. Definitely a process of elimination, I think. Frustrating too because it cut into my day. I’m eating strawberries and with milk to make up for it though. Yum!

  3. I get that, too. The worst was once while visiting my Dad in Florida- trying to relax out by the pool with my kids and all his friends and neighbours kept bringing me messed-up computers.

  4. Oh, not fair while on vacation! Hopefully you were able to sort it quickly and get back to the pool. ;)

  5. Now I know how my son feels.

    When he’s not here (now) and my computer acts up (it has been), I am lost and my way of fixing things is to cry and swear. FTR, it doesn’t work.

  6. oh dear, helping the parents iwth the IT. I guess it’s payback time

  7. Deb: Oi, wireless problems are really frustrating because technically nothing is wrong, its just slow. Hope it speeds up for you soon!

    GT: Yeah, most defintely.

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